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About BlueTrout Catering
People often ask, "What is a Blue Trout?" It is a dish prepared in Germany and France in which a freshly caught trout is poached in acidulated water. This process tinges the flesh a bluish color and curls the tail in a unique manner. I picked this name for my company to evoke my cultural heritage.

When I was a child in Germany my mother always had a garden, so I grew up around fresh, organic foods harvested from our own backyard or bought at Lueneburg's centuries-old farmer's market. The meals she prepared were honest, well seasoned, home-cooked dishes. We ate European style, around a properly set table loaded with whole grain breads, platters of vegetables, roasts, fresh cheeses, and sausages. This instilled in me a sense of ceremony associated with food. I believe that eating together is a social ritual that helps build family and community ties, and that is the attitude I bring to my catering to make your occasions special.

I am pleased to employ an exceptional team of hard-working, friendly servers who know how to anticipate the special needs of each occasion. Relax! Let my staff of intelligent professionals do the problem solving so that you can enjoy your event.

Frauke Baylor - - Austin, TX - 512.472.2600